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Wienerschnitzel: Go Beyond. Go Schnitz.

This campaign won first place in the District XI NSAC Competition.

This was my second year competing in NSAC for UO, only this time, I led the team. As the account director of this team I led all-team meetings, managed and proposed multiple budgets, acted as a liaison between teams and faculty, and ensured the final campaign book and assets were finished on schedule. I also conducted weekly meetings with the other directors to discuss updates, evaluate progress, and implement campaign adjustments.

This year, the national client was Wienerschnitzel. This campaign won first place at the District XI competition, and we will continue competing this May for the semi-final round!

The Ask: Elevate the image of the hot dog in order to increase primary demand. In short, change the perception of the hot dog.

The Strategy: Hot dogs celebrate any moment!

The Big Idea: Go Beyond. Go Schnitz.

MANIFESTO (password: Hotdogsrock)


So we redefined a word to describe the nostalgia, satisfaction, victory, and celebration felt when eating a hot dog.

“Go Schnitz” means harnessing the celebratory feeling that the hot dog brings. It also refers to going to Wienerschnitzel.

Below you can look at our two video executions for our separate audiences. Scroll to the bottom to look through our 21-page plans book which presents our strategy, creative direction, executions and media plan.

TRENDMAKER SPOT (password: Hotdogsrock)

CONNECTOR SPOT (password: Hotdogsrock)